About Schofizzy

If you clicked on this page you've done so to learn a little about me. So lets get down to it.

My given name is Trevor C. Schoenfeld and I am a native Californian. Born and raised here and now doing the same with my family. Happily married since 2001 and father of four precious children. I am a full time High School teacher. Earned my Bachelors degree in Social Science from the University of La Verne and love teaching to teens about politics and history. Outside of my teaching career lies one my biggest passions, film.

Ever since I was a little kid I have been obsessed with cinema. Sharing my thoughts and opinions with anyone who is willing to listen. Which brings us to Schofizzy.com (formerly Schofizzy Movie Review), I started this website to open up communication about movies I'm generally interested in or films that deserve talking about. I run the site myself in my spare time. Most of the stuff I cover tends to be genre films, but I have an open admiration for all things film related, so there is no telling what just may pop up.