Saturday, January 21, 2017

We Marched for Women, We Marched for Equality

I am a son. I am a husband. I am a father. I am an educator. I am a man who marched for women's rights today.

I marched as a showing of support. I marched to model for my children and students how we can demonstrate one of our powers in a democratic society. I marched to demonstrate my frustrations with our newly elected 45th president. A man that has used rhetoric about unifying America while simultaneously demeaning large populations of our beloved country. He has incited violence during his campaign and has yet to vilify the alt-right or neo nazi who feel empowered by his message. He has tried to normalize sexual assault on women. As a son, husband, father, and most importantly a human being I am not okay with men, the media, or our president normalizing sexual assault. I marched today because I don't believe our newly elected president has sufficiently made all women in our country feel safe. You may want to call the Americans who marched today sore losers but that wasn't what this march was about. This was a mandate. Our voices will be heard. Equality isn't a pipe dream. Equality isn't just for the privileged. Equality is for all.

I pledge to resist. I pledge to resist any and all ways our newly elected president chips away at our country's principles and what they represent to so many around the world. He will not undo our democracy. I hope that he does help our economy and all Americans who are hurting economically. I hope that he does unify Americans. I hope he pushes against the hate that has been incited through his campaign and rhetoric. I hope that he begins to make all women feel safe and equally empowered in this wonderful country. I hope that he moves away from the doom and gloom fear mongering. What's great is, he can. People change. Will he is to be determined, so I'll be right here waiting and watching as will millions of others around the country.

While we wait I challenge us all to get more involved on a local level. Do exactly as our new president says, the people need to have control of government. We need to get involved in our school districts and our city councils. Take hold of your communities and states. We need to vote in midterm elections and hold all of our elected representatives accountable at every level. For every person that has told me to "give him a chance" I have absolutely no problem doing that, and while I do I will make sure my community and elected representatives are doing their best to ensure our rights as Americans are not being taken away, restricted, or infringed.

Lastly I want to speak to how wonderful the march was today. It was beautiful to see so many unique individuals voicing their right. It was harmonious marching among others who are willing to let the world know we are here, we will be heard, and we demand equality for all Americans. It felt amazing to see people in real life versus on social media using their voices. It resonated. It was empowering. It was the opposite of apathy. It was progress for millions of voices.