Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 10 of 2014

As an avid movie watcher it is important to reflect on the year. What I've seen. What I liked and disliked. Keeping a running tally of what I'm watching as the year moves on week by week and month by month brings me pleasure. Logging not only what I've seen, but what stood out to me. By the end of the year I generally have a substantial list of standout films that will be narrowed down into a Top 20. This is a process I've done annually since before starting my site in 2008. This is a practice that I intend to continue until the day I die. Not because ranking movies is important, but more so because it allows me a chance to reflect on what called to me over a year. Trends that were noticed. A chance to think about why a particular film spoke to me. What's the value I found in it? These lists are an easy conversation starter along with being a gauge on my taste(s) as an omnivorous movie watcher. Below you'll find my Top 10 of 2014. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

In Defense of, Adam Sandler

There's a lot of dislike for Adam Sandler. He's a polarizing comedian. Not because he's vulgar or crass. Not because he uses controversial material. Mainly because he's a buffoon and has stayed that way for twenty years. If you've seen one of his many movies, you know his comedy is not shooting for much higher than middle school mentality. One thing he has shown over the years is his ginormous heart, and that huge heart has made him into a genuine movie star people should celebrate versus tear down. In defense of Adam Sandler...