Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pledge Support for "Out of Print"

Going to the cinema means the world to me. It is a place for me to escape, a place to be thrilled, shocked, and fall in love. It is a place to introduce me to new ideas and concepts I'd never fathomed. It is my sanctuary. No matter how bad things are, I can always find solace in a darkened theater. One theater in particular that has been a constant source of joy is now in jeopardy. The New Beverly Cinema is a revival theater that exclusively shows 35mm prints, but as you may be aware, studios are heavily pushing to rid the theaters of 35mm entirely. Julia Marchese, an employee of the New Beverly Cinema, has decided to generate awareness of how scarce 35mm could become (if we don't stand up to the studios) and how this digital conversion will hurt revival theater houses across the country. How will she generate this awareness you ask, in the form of a documentary titled "Out of Print" that is currently in the kickstart phase and she needs your help to get this vital documentary made. See how you can help below...

Some key words from Julia:

"This is an important documentary, a passion project that aims to protect and cherish your movie memories, by protecting revival cinemas like the New Beverly, which play a vital and important role in keeping the old memories alive and available in our rapidly changing world.

At the New Beverly, it’s not about the money; it’s all about the movies and the people who love them.

Here’s the crazy thing, your movie memories are under siege and the threat is real and imminent. Revival theatres like the New Beverly are now an endangered species. We must act now to save the cinemas and protect our past.

This documentary must be made and the time to make it is now. Why?

The Major Studios (the owners of the old films) have recently written a letter promising to withdraw their 35mm prints. Last year I started a petition last year asking studios to let their film prints remain available to revival theaters indefinitely. I successfully raised 10,000 signatures from movie lovers in over 60 countries around the world.

Help the New Beverly Cinema and other revival theater houses around the country keep their doors open. Head over to the kickstarter page for "Out of Print" today and pledge whatever you can to get this project financed. Donate as little as $1 here!

Source: Kickstarter