Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trailer & Poster - Step Up Revolution

"Enough with performance art, its time for protest art." And with that line I nearly had a heart attack from joy. The 'Step Up' films are something I hold very dear to my heart. They are light-hearted fare that always satisfies. Great dancing, energetic music, fresh takes on the dance culture and some cheesy romance peppered in for good measure. Today the full-length trailer has hit the net and it has sent me into a state of bliss. See the new "Step Up Revolution" trailer for yourself below...

The teaser trailer from back in January set the table perfectly and this newest trailer almost feels like an appeitizer it has so much to get excited about. Fans of the Step Up films will notice members from the MSA crew and the Pirates crew! Plus the newest crew to the Step Up family, The Mob, looks to be another winner. I really like the whole flash mob angle they are going with. Best yet, "Step Up Revolution" will indeed feature another appearance by Moose! I seriously can't wait for July 27th, so I can see this movie.

I am so excited by the trailer I almost forgot to include the first poster for "Step Up Revolution" check it,

Source: You Tube | Facebook