Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help, Rewind This! Movie

All the best movies come from some passionate place we love and some friends of mine via Twitter, are asking for our help to finish up a documentary about VHS movies. Its no secret that home video had a major impact on our society and this film aims to tell that story through a series of engaging interviews with filmmakers, video store owners, and VHS collectors alike. The production team are 90% done with the doc they've been working on for nearly two years and your help is going to help get it finished. Take a look below to see the first trailer for "Rewind This!" and how you can help get this passionate project about the transformation of media finished.

This is a project I have been watching from the distance and its time I step up and do what little I can to help spread the word about a documentary that I want to see (and you should too). If you are older than say 15, chances are VHS played a some part in your life. These plastic beauties allowed us all to watch the movies we love at home, repeatedly. They are an important piece of our history and for some of us, seeing that story told is very important. The filmmakers behind this project are 100% hardcore cinephiles who have gone above and beyond finding filmmakers, video store owners, other cinephiles and collectors like themselves, to help piece together a story that will be a lot of fun to see.

The introduction of home video had a massive impact on culture, business, and the development of media. The film-going public had unprecedented control over their viewing schedule, burgeoning filmmakers had inexpensive tools with which to create, and a new business was formed that expanded the reach of an already exploding industry. Videotape redefined the way modern society interacts with media. REWIND THIS! aims to be the definitive account of the home video revolution and a showcase of its continuing legacy.

As of right now the kickstarter funding for "Rewind This!" has reached 46% of its goal with 29 days left to help donate. The production team needs to hit $15,000 and has already had $6,976 donated. To entice donations, Rewind This! has a few special gifts you can earn depending on how much you donate including a postcard signed by the filmmakers, special thanks on their website, a poster of the movie, a handmade charm, an autographed copy of the DVD when it is completed, "The Vietnam War Movie Memorial" print by Tim Doyle, a "VHS Bed" by Kayla Kromer, a few other original art pieces, and the filmmakers eternal gratitude for helping their project.

Ready to help out? Head over to Kickstarter to donate what you can.

Source: Rewind This! A VHS Love Story