Thursday, August 4, 2011

WB Reveals First Still of Superman

Despite the fact we are just under two full years away from "Man of Steel" releasing Warner Brothers have released our first look at Henry Cavill dawning the "S" on his chest. Take a look below to see for yourself...

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So there he is, Superman. For some reason I thought this reveal would hold more impact for me. I mean Superman was the first superhero I saw in a movie. I was obsessed with him as a kid. I had a home made costume with red rain boots that I wore on the daily when I was 5 and 6. I loved all of the Christopher Reeves films (well maybe not Superman IV: The Quest for Peace) but the rest are always re-watchable. Hell, I even loved Bryan Singer's Superman Returns with stale face Brandon Routh but something about this image just does not grab me.

Some thoughts on this initial look. First and foremost, its is the first image of Henry Cavill as Superman and is not going to break the bank for me in not seeing "Man of Steel" come 2013. Secondly, one thing I always loved about the Christopher Reeves Superman and even to some extent Brandon Routh, was they always had a calm and collected look on their faces. Superman is an alien being and to him stopping a moving train, leaping a building or turning the Earth in reverse without breaking a sweat or looking concerned is just another day of work, but zoom in and look at Cavill's face, dude looks upset (not to mention a little sweaty). Superman never broke a sweat. Superman shouldn't look strained, not after piddling around with a little steel reinforced safe. Superman has taken on nuclear weaponry with a smile and now a bank vault has him looking frustrated? I don't buy it. However, there is reason to think that maybe, just maybe this image comes from a fight sequence and Superman was thrown into that steel vault by none other than Zod! That would validate why the vault is bent in the shape it is and also why Supes is looking as if he is steadying himself. I still think it does not account for why Superman looks so frustrated (and sweaty) but willing to wait and make my full evaluation after I've seen the whole movie.

Back on photo and moving away from hypothetical fight sequences, the suit. It is clear that the costume department has made a few noticeable changes. One of which is make the suit look like a basketball. Ha, not really, my thought is the production team wanted a material that looked foreign to Earth. Something alien, so they went with a very textured scaly looking suit. What do I think of it, well, it looks like leather and is super shiny, but its not the end of the world or anything. Dedicated eyes will also notice that the "S" emblem on Superman's chest has changed as well. Fourth, while I don't think the image sells the Man of  Steel (unless we are being ultimately literal because Superman is standing in front of a steel bank vault) but I applaud WB for jumping the gun and releasing an official image versus some leaked set photo. I think its cool they didn't give us a typical Superman pose but the trade off is I am not all that impressed by the new image. No big loss though, I mean we are two years away from seeing this movie and Warner Brothers will have plenty of time to make my Superman boner throb again.

Warner Brothers have "Man of Steel" slated for a June 14th, 2013 release. Stay tuned for more news on Superman and Zack Synder's "Man of Steel."

Source: EW