Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trailer - The Sitter

One thing that generally gets me excited is a good red band trailer. Why? Well because it is a much better gauge on what we can expect from a R-rated comedy than a green band one. Speaking of red band trailers, today a brand new one popped up for Jonah Hill's latest comedy "The Sitter" directed by David Gordon Green. Take a look at the trailer below...

Before I comment on the trailer, I want to take a second to say how much I enjoy the raunchy introduction by Jonah Hill with the "perfect ethnically diverse kids" (even if it comes across like Hill trying to remind us he's lost a bunch of weight and no longer looks like the man you are about to watch in the trailer) the bit is a brimming with hilarity.

As for the trailer, I'm liking it. It comes across as the opposite of Mrs. Doubtfire, though I won't be surprised when by the end of the movie, Hill's character comes to love the kids and they love him even though he has thrown every obscenity in the book at them. The trailer also gives off a vibe of the 80's cult classic Adventures in Babysitting except with piles of profanity and adult situations heaped on. Regardless of what the trailer reminds me of, consider my ticket paid for.

One of the biggest reasons I am excited for this is director David Gordon Green. Ever since All the Real Girls I have continually had my eye on whatever director David Gordon Green is working on. Whether he is doing laugh-out-loud comedy or poignant drama the man is a true talent behind the camera. "The Sitter" looks to be another addition of hilarious comedy from Gordon Green. This will also make Green's third comedy in a row with both Your Highness and Pineapple Express coming before it. Final thought, this will make two films in major release for David Gordon Green in one year, bravo and kudos are in order!

Source: IGN