Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trailer - The Rum Diary

More times than not when I hear Johnny Depp is starring in an upcoming role I quickly lose interest. He's an actor that I use to look forward to each new role but after he started playing everyone's favorite pirate his career has seemed to slip into cruise control doing nothing more than sullying my appreciation of his earlier character work on screen. The question is what has turned me around on Johnny Depp's next performance, the answer is, Hunter S. Thompson. The first official trailer for "The Rum Diary" has gone online and it looks to be exactly what I was hoping for out of the adaptation to Thompson's quick tongued novel. Take a look for yourself below...

Hunter S. Thompson's book which the film is based off is a lot of fun and this first trailer really seems to nab the same energy. Thompson is a genius at telling odd adventures under the influence of various narcotics and this story is no different. The cast is exceptional including Aaron Eckhart, Giovanni Ribisi, Richard Jenkins, Michael Rispoli and Amber Heard. Seeing Johnny Depp back in a character penned by Thompson has me smitten once again and I really hope Depp delivers like this trailer eludes. Based off the look of this trailer and how enjoyable the source material is I'd say Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp fans alike are in for a treat this fall. "The Rum Diary" releases October 28th.