Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Talk, We Mean It!

The Alamo Drafthouse has made a name for itself by setting a high precedent in cinema going. It is (from what I hear) the premiere theatrical experience in the United States. Today in an effort to illustrate how dedicated the good folks at the Alamo Drafthouse are in presenting the best cinematic experience possible they will begin running the following advertisement in front of "R" rated feature films. Beware the content within this bumper does contain offensive language. Proceed with caution...

I love this. It is the no frills, we mean business approach. This is a "we dare you to take out your cell phone" advertisement. Is it shocking? Hell yes it is and good for them. I'm glad to see a business that is trying to present the best possible experience actually back that idea. This isn't a look the other way policy that so many of the major chains practice.

What also makes this advertisement so ingenious is it flips the tirade of a idiotic "entitled" theater patron who should just go somewhere else to watch movies (preferably at home). Audience participation is one thing but acting as if because you paid for a ticket it is your right to use your phone is purely self-absorbed bullshit. You paid to watch a movie and you should probably do just that. Do you go out to dinner and instead of eating play a musical instrument? Do you buy tickets to a sporting event and instead of rooting for your team you proceed to grandstand about your religious practices? Hopefully you answered, "no" to both of those questions.

So why would you go to a movie and decide to do something else? Do you really need to check your Facebook status or play one more level of Angry Birds? Is your attention so tiny that you have to have something else to keep your little brain entertained? Believe me I am glued to my phone, I have serious attachment issues with my little handheld device, but I have enough willpower to keep my phone placed in my pocket while I sit in a darkened theater watching a movie I paid to watch and you should too. If you don't I wouldn't recommend attending any movie theater, stay home and let the people who enjoy going to the movies actually enjoy the experience.

Finally, Tim League I applaud your actions. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the opening of a Los Angeles based Drafthouse.

Source: Badass Digest