Monday, May 16, 2011

New 'Drive' Images

Its been some time since I've posted something outside of my reviews but I recently stumbled on some brand new images for Nicolas Winding Refn's latest "Drive" and these are too juicy not to share with you all. "Drive" stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a wheelman and is set to release September 16th. Take a look below at over 10 images, the official Cannes poster and a few more details about the heist gone wrong action...

"Drive" is based off a novel written by James Sallis and has been adapted to screenplay by Hossein Amini. Amini was previously nominated for adaptation of Henry James' "The Wings of a Dove." Amini said it was a rare book to adapt because, "It was very short, very dark. It was almost like a poem."

The basic premise follows a nameless driver who gets involved in a bank robbery that ends up going wrong. Soon there after the mafia comes looking for the driver. Joining Ryan Gosling in "Drive" are Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, Oscar Issac, Ron Perlman and Christina Hendricks. The action was filmed in Los Angeles last fall by cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel (The Usual Suspects, X2, Superman Returns and Valkyrie).

Director Nicolas Winding Refn previously directed The "Pusher" trilogy, "Bronson" and last year's "Valhalla Rising." Refn was brought on to direct this film at the request of Ryan Gosling. Gosling said he'd "always wanted to make a sort of action movie" and after reading the script he knew Refn was the perfect guy to direct. Gosling said, "there was no question to me that Nicolas had to make this movie."

Checkout 13 new images for the film as well as the official Cannes poster for "Drive" below.

You can also checkout the first two minute clip from "Drive" over at the official Cannes website.