Monday, March 14, 2011

Bobcat Goldthwait's Next Project

I love Bobcat Goldthwait. As a kid he appealed to my childlike sensibilities and now as an adult he appeals to grown-up sensibilities. Fuck, I even love his weird tattoo on his arm with a salted potato and a fork. The man is a quiet genius, not to mention a terribly sincere and loving guy. Ok ok, enough Bobcat praise and on to the actual meat of this post. Bobcat was recently on the Adam Carolla Show and briefly talked about his latest directing project. One that sounds like his own version of Natural Born Killers. Read the full details below...

Most of us have things that drive us crazy. Whether it is some pet peeve or something we see on TV, there is always something out there that drives people nuts. Depending on who and if you are on Twitter you can see up to 1000's of complaints each day. Now imagine that thing (whatever it is) pissed you off so bad you decided to do something about it. Well that's kinda the gist of Bobcat's next film titled "God Bless America." A middle aged man watches a reality TV show something like MTV's My Super Sweet 16 and decides after viewing to up and kill that terribly high maintenance birthday girl. The killing doesn't end there, after a classmate discovers what he's done, the two set out around America killing people in a stolen Camaro. Hell. Yes. This sounds fan-friggin-tastic!

Now just the idea alone of "God Bless America" sounds awesome, but because it is coming from the mind of Bobcat Goldthwait makes it all the more exciting. Goldthwait's last directing duties World's Greatest Dad put him on the map as someone to watch. Gone are the days of the loud-mouthed zany Bobcat actor, now we have a far more subdued director who has an important and thoughtful perspective I want to see more of. Someone who can handle very dark material and still find a beacon of light within it.

Bobcat Goldthwait told Adam Carolla that Richard Kelly's Darko Pictures is financing the project. No word on how quickly the film will go in front of cameras or who will star, but knowing that Goldthwait is actively pursuing getting this film made fills me with all kinds of joy. Stay tuned for further updates as they develop on "God Bless America."

Source: Adam Carolla Show