Sunday, February 20, 2011

Short Film: The Black Mamba

Movies and advertising have gone hand in hand for quite some time. Product placement helps to add financing to a movie's budget and recently Nike while promoting Kobe Bryant's latest basketball shoe has brought in director Robert Rodriguez to make a short film as an advertisement for the new shoe. The result is "The Black Mamba." Take a look at the short film below...

While this commercial is just a parody on the grindhouse style of filmmaking Robert Rodriguez has used recently, I really dig this over-long advertisement. The commercial/short film feels very much like a pitch for a feature film. The commercial feels like a pitch because, well, Robert Rodriguez is pitching Bryant in the ad, but I bought it hook line and sinker. I would totally pay to see a feature length version of "The Black Mamba." As bad as it probably would be. Granted we'd need some more filler than just Kobe dribbling a ball around zombie ballers, but R.R. knows how to make a fun flick and could probably pull it off. Will he? No way.

In any regard it is fun seeing Nike going the non-traditional route with their advertising for Kobe's latest shoe by bringing in Robert Rodriguez. I think it paid off and I'd at the very least like to see more commercials like "The Black Mamba" from other advertisers and products. Perhaps Chevrolet could finally do a short Transformers film for the Camero.

Source: Nike