Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Rewrites for Jack Ryan

Paramount has ordered re-writes on the next Jack Ryan installment currently titled "Moscow." The potential fifth movie installment of Jack Ryan has been in development stages for what seems like forever now, but this latest delay is for the better. Paramount has hired the illustrious Steven Zaillian to re-work the script. Take a look at the full details below...

This won't be Steve Zaillian's first experience with Jack Ryan. Zaillian penned the 1994 installment Clear and Present Danger which starred Harrison Ford and also did a uncredited rewrite for Patriot Games. Zaillian has himself a number of solid screenplays including Schindler's List, Mission: Impossible, Jack the Bear and Gangs of New York which only echo his abilities. Zaillian also recently penned the currently filming "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" remake.

Previously we heard that "Moscow" would follow Jack Ryan in his pre-CIA days. Reported to pick-up when Ryan was a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, the script sees Ryan leaving the U.S. and traveling to Moscow to work under a billionaire who ends up framing Ryan. Yeah, doesn't sound too original by any means.

Deadline reports that the script is an original work and not apart of Tom Clancy's set of Jack Ryan novels. They also report that the script could potentially follow events of a terrible helicopter crash that nearly killed Ryan back when was a platoon leader in the Marines.

So having Zaillian step in for re-writes could be just what the doctor ordered. The big question is will this mean an entire overhaul or is Zaillian just doing some touch ups. Personally I'd bank on the former. Maybe that is just me being hopeful, but I'd rather let Zaillian dig up a different story than what "Moscow" sounds like from either of the two above descriptions. Overall though, I'm a Jack Ryan fanatic and regardless of which story turns out to be the real plot, I will be in theaters come release day.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming Jack Ryan prequel as it breaks...

Source: Deadline