Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Names Baddies

Batman and Christopher Nolan fans have been eagerly awaiting word on who the villain(s) will be in Nolan's third Batman film for Warner Brothers. There has been plenty of speculation, but now all that conjecture can be finished because in an official press release Warner Brothers announced who the villains in "The Dark Knight Rises" will be and who will be playing them. Take a look below to see just who they are...

Without further ado, "The Dark Knight Rises" will have two villains and they are Bane and Catwoman. Neither of these villains are new to celluloid Batman. Bane probably brings a bad taste to your mouth reminding you of Batman & Robin, while Catwoman, most still believe Michelle Pfeiffer to be the best we could hope for from Selina Kyle. Well I'm here to say worry not, because these two characters are in the hands of a very trusted veteran. Christopher Nolan and the team he surrounds himself with know what they are doing. I'm confident he can bring the right tone to these two characters that some could be off put by.

So you know which villains are in "The Dark Knight Rises" but who is playing them? One of the actors was previously announced and rumored to be playing Hugo Strange, Tom Hardy. Hardy was featured in Nolan's 2009 film Inception, but has also starred in the jaw dropping UK film "Bronson." For readers who are unaware who Tom Hardy is and want to gauge his abilities, you gotta watch Bronson, it is one hell of a performance. A performance that will have you in shock for nearly the entire film. Hardy seems like a perfect fit to play Bane. A character which is known for "breaking the bat." Its not clear whether Nolan will choose to have Bane rupture Batman's spine as he did in the comics, but we can rest assure were going to see some ass-kicking from the hooded and narcotic controlled menace.

As for the other actor, the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman will be played by the voluptuous Anne Hathaway. Hathaway certainly is a looker and can't definitely play a sultry but, I am questioning how much of a vixen she will be. Hathaway has tried very hard to step away from her Princess Diaries roles, but something about her just screams good girl. As I've previously stated I'm a firm believer in Nolan and his production team, so I'm sure Catwoman has been scripted well, I just have some reservations whether Hathaway can pull off enough scratch apart from all the purring.

Outside of these new casting details much of "The Dark Knight Rises" remains a mystery. We do not know how much of a role either of one of these villains will play in the film. Will both be featured heavily or will one take a backseat leaving the other to be a main villain like the Joker or Ra's Al Ghul? Who will be pulling the strings? Perhaps Nolan will decide to bring the Scarecrow back one last time? Scarecrow was basically punked in The Dark Knight and I'm sure Dr. Jonathan Crane would love to get even with Bats. Maybe Dr. Crane has designed the toxin which gives Bane his rage and strength? Maybe there is enough footage remaining from Ledger's performance that Nolan and Co. work out away to feature the Joker pulling the strings from behind bars in Arkham Asylum? All of this is simple conjecture until we get a real synopsis, but its always fun guessing what could be.

Stay tuned for more on "The Dark Knight Rises" as it breaks...

Source: Deadline