Tuesday, January 4, 2011

25 Anticipated Films in 2011

Another year is upon us and seems how I'm in the list making mood I decided to rattle off a number of 2011 movies That I am excited about seeing. This list isn't critical per say, just stuff that I have interest in based off cast, writer/director, concept/synopsis, trailer or a combination of all those factors. Expectations can sometimes be a bitch and there is no guarantee any of these titles will be good, but regardless I'm interested in them. Take a look at what I'm pumped for in 2011 below...

25. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (July 1st)
Had I not seen the most recent trailer for the 3rd Transformers movie there is no way this title would be on my list. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from Revenge of the Fallen but Bay looks to have redeemed himself. Hopefully, he has and kept an open ear to all the complaints about the last film. Will we see giant robots they way we should this Summer? I sure hope so.

24. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (December 23rd)
Its Spielberg. Honestly, I think that is enough reason for this film to be on my anticipated list. Spielberg is a legend and with him doing a motion-capture movie with the help of Peter Jackson has to get you excited. While we have only seen a few stills from the project, hopes are very high for a fun family adventure.

23. Jane Eyre (March 11th)
I never finished this book. Bored me to tears, but director Cary Fukunaga's spin on this classic tale has me interested. Not to mention Fukunaga blew me away with Sin Nombre, and this drastic turn in tone has me boggled. Truthfully, you give me a period piece with a touch of horror and yes, I'm intrigued. Plus you have Michael Fassbender who is electric on screen in every role he plays. I'm not sure exactly how dark this film will end up being, but for now I'm anxious to see what the dark secret is.

22. Battle: Los Angeles (March 11th)
Another year and another scifi alien invasion movie. Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but the trailer for this scifi action has me hyperactive with interest. The trailer is a near perfect tease, set to some engaging music. It looks like Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. I'm not so sure this film will end up being the next Independence Day or Black Hawk Down but for now I'm ready to see how it plays out.

21. Hugo Cabret (December 9th)
All I know about this movie is Martin Scorsese is directing it and he is using 3D cameras. No post conversion for the master. A quick look at imdb shows a pretty strong cast, but overall this is a movie I want to know as little as possible about going in. I'd like to go in dark and just enjoy the latest Scorsese without any pre-conceived notions or awareness. Basically, if Scorsese is directing, I'm gonna see it.

20. War Horse (December 28th)
This is another title in 2011 I know basically nothing other than Steven Spielberg is directing. Initially I told myself it can't just be about a horse, but indeed it is. Well technically a boy and his horse, but then the horse goes off to war and the boy goes looking for him. Wait is this a love story? Regardless of concept and storyline, the fact that Spielberg is directing another wartime movie has me pumped for the final product.

19. We Bought a Zoo (December 23rd)
One name drew my initial interest in this title, Cameron Crowe. Crowe for those that don't know is the director of the outstanding titles including Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky, and Jerry Maguire. Better than all of those films though is his first Say Anything..., Crowe is a director I've looked forward to since seeing anything he's doing since Say Anything... and so far he's only let me down once.

18. The Muppets (November 23rd)
I still don't believe it. Even though it is clear a new Muppets movie is coming, I can't believe it. What's better is a comedian I really like penned the script and will star alongside our favorite Jim Henson creations. That comedian (if you didn't know) is Jason Segel. Another aspect of this project that tickles me in all the right places is that Flight of the Conchords director James Bobin is directing. He's quirky style seems well matched for the Muppets, as does Segel. Also contributing is Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords with songs. If you were ever a fan of the Muppets growing up I'd be shell-shocked to find out you were not excited for this movie.

17. Winnie the Pooh (July 15th)
Ready to take flak for having this title in my list, but this latest Pooh adventure looks miraculous. I'm not the biggest fan of Winnie the Pooh, its alright, but I've never been excited for a Pooh movie before. My kids have all enjoyed the cartoons, as have I, but this latest adventure looks both nostalgic and beyond heart-warming. Stupid trailer even made me swelled up with emotions. Classic Disney animation with that clumsy old bear and all his hundred acre woods friends, yeah sign me up.

16. Rise of the Apes (June 24th)
For better or worse this is one of those movies that I have extremely high hopes for. As a big fan of the original film series, there is a lot riding on a prequel in the eyes of the fans. The last attempt helmed by Tim Burton was not well received (which is being kind) and this time around FOX is hoping for the start of a new set of Apes movies. In my head I hope Rise of the Apes turns out to be Batman Begins. Meaning it is just the first chapter. Helping to build the Apes fan in me into a frenzy is the fact James Franco is playing the lead role. Franco has quickly become an actor that if he is in it, I will see it. I'm not sure this movie can live up to the alter I've placed it on, but I certainly hope it will.

15. Rango (March 1st)
I have a love/hate relationship with Johnny Depp. He is a fantastic in some things and bland as ever in most others. He is an actor I use to look forward to his roles, but now quiver with anguish at the mention of him in anything. Enter Rango a movie that when I heard about I said, "Joy another 3D CGI animated movie." Then a trailer released and I ate those words or more rather they turned from sarcasm to actual excitement. Why? The western theme! I'm a sucker for anything western and this Gore Verbinski directed story looks right up my alley. Not to mention a huge ode to the western genre of film. Also as small as this will probably be in the movie, I love that the chameleon Depp voices is wearing the Hawaiian shirt Depp wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

14. Scream 4 (April 15th)
Scream is an iconic horror movie. It is already a classic. It is one of my favorites. A movie I saw in theaters over 10 times on its initial run. The sequels are fun in their own regard, no where near as good as the first, but something about returning after all these years has me very antsy for the latest Wes Craven chapter. Craven has been a big letdown in movie making since 2000, but I'm really hoping that this sequel could change that perception. Hopefully this will be a movie that I come out of just as addicted as I did with the original.

13. The Thing (October 14th)
The original The Thing is my second favorite Horror movie of all time. I've always wanted a prequel to the movie and that is what this is. There has been some scuttle that the film is a remake, however Universal Pictures official synopsis reveals the film to be indeed a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 horror masterpiece. I highly doubt this film will come anywhere close to the original, but being derived from one of my favorite movies ever, I gotta see this as soon as possible!

12. Meek's Cutoff (April 8th)
I'm a sucker for westerns. While looking through the 2011 calendar of films set to release I came across this title and immediately became enamored by the concept. Set in 1845 a group of settlers traveling through Oregon are stranded in harsh conditions. Then I noticed Wendy and Lucy director Kelly Reichardt directed it. Reichardt did a fantastic job with desperation in Wendy and Lucy so I'm hopeful she will do the same in this period piece. Another aspect that gets me excited is the cast. Namely, Paul Dano, Will Patton and Michelle Williams. This movie has all the smell of something I'm gonna eat up, so hopefully it is as fulfilling as it appears.

11. Drive (September 16th)
I like fast cars. I really like heist movies. I especially like heist movies with fast cars. Put that combination under the guise of director Nicolas Winding Refn and my mind is spinning with the possibilities. Next add a some high caliber actors. Names like Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks. Yeah, I'm ecstatic about the potential this heist film has. Will it live up to my aspirations for it? To be continued...

10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (November 18th)
Yup, I'm invested in this series and I gotta see it through no matter how bad it gets or already was. Truthfully, The Twilight Saga and I are bff's. Never expected it, I hated the first book, just romantic dribble but the movies and I get along just fine. I could defend further, but what for, I'm excited to see the next installment of drama between a sparkle vampire, a werewolf and a teenager.

9. Hobo with a Shotgun (Release Date Pending)
A couple years back when Grindhouse released Quentin Tarantino had a contest to see who could create the best trailer for a Grindhouse-esque movie. Hobo with a Shotgun won. The short was directed by Jason Eisner and he later went on to make the feature like film much like Robert Rodriguez did with Machete. The film is set to premiere at Sundance however Magnet Films have already purchased distribution rights to the vigilante justice action. While no release date is set as of yet, this film will see a limited release sometime in 2011 and I can't wait. From the production blog that Eisener has kept in motion while the movie was made through to the trailer, I am so gung ho for this blood thirsty grindhouse. The cherry on top, Mr. Blind Fury himself Rutger Hauer is playing the homeless vigilante with a pump-action shotgun. Get ready for a blast!

8. Super 8 (June 10th)
I watched the first trailer and here we are. I'm trying to stay away from particulars. I know J.J. Abrams wrote the script and is directing, that's about all I need to know. Abrams is a genius and anything he's involved with, I'm excited for. Add the fact the Spielberg is involved and my fanboy juices really get flowing. No need to speculate, just ready and waiting.

7. Fast Five (April 29th)
Some would call this series their guilty pleasure. Not me, I'm fine with the fact I like them. They are brain off thrill-rides. Something I need from time-to-time. Not to mention they always feature some of the best looking cars and highest energized driving sequences. I've watched the trailer to this like 10 times and can't wait to see it in IMAX. Love that they've brought back previous cast members again, while still keeping the film a prequel. Justin Lin has been behind the wheel since Tokyo Drift and I'm more than happy to buckle up for another ride.

6. Thor (May 3rd)
I read the crap out of Thor growing up. I'm totally invested in this movie. I really really hope it turns out be great and not just okay. Having Kenneth Branagh directing really excites me and most everything I've seen looks incredible. I was bummed when Marvel didn't cast Kevin McKidd as Thor, but am confident that Chris Hemsworth will do fine. I have a ton of emotions on this film, which is why I have it so high. Again, I really hope this is good.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22nd)
This is another one I have extremely high hopes for and read a ton as a kid. Man if these two movies end up sucking or even being marginally ho-hum like Iron Man 2 is, I'm really gonna be bummed. Thor and Captain America are the building blocks for "The Avengers." If we don't get worthwhile, scratch that, awesome adventures in Thor and The First Avenger how are we suppose to be pumped for the team up? Needless to say my Marvel fanboy is jumping for joy with excitement for Caps on the big screen.

4. The Beaver (March 23rd)
"Sugar tits" himself in a dark comedy where he wears a beaver puppet on his hand to cope with his emotions? Uh, yes please! Regardless of Mel Gibson's personal and public life and/or opinions, I love his acting. Dude is butter and this role could just be a saving grace for his film career. The film looks endearing, comical and down right Award worthy from the trailer. Add the fact that Jodie Foster not only directed but is playing his wife has left me itching to see it. With Gibson's past, I'm just glad to see it actually has a real release date.

3. Cowboys & Aliens (July 29th)
Last year at Comic Con I saw about 10 or so minutes of footage to this movie and ever since I've been wired to see the rest of the film. Again the western genre plays heavily on my interest in this film, but more so is the talent surrounding and within it. It really has a dream cast. Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Sam Rockwell to name a few. Director Jon Favreau and the writing staff including Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof seem like a fabulous blend to come up with a truly engrossing alien invasion movie set in the old west. This is one that has the potential to be Favreau's best to date.

2. Red State (March)
For years Kevin Smith has always said he'd like to make a horror movie. Well he's made it. The movie is set to premiere at Sundance this month and should be in theaters by March (well at least that is what Smith's first trailer claimed). About the trailer, it is like nothing we've ever seen before from Smith. Dark, moody, filled with desolation and panic. Smith has had a downward spiral recently with critics, but this movie looks like he's out to prove he's still got some fire in him or better yet knows how to make a great movie. I've always loved Lunchbox and from what he's has revealed so far, he's certainly trying to make an impression and not the one Cop Out left.

1. Tree of Life (May 27th)
This film has been on my anticipated list since last year, when it was originally slated to release. Now its 2011 and here it is again. This time it is far higher on my list. Much of that is to do with the jaw dropping trailer that released back in December. Terrence Malick is a director that if he's making a movie, I'm interested. His thoughtful and steady perspective on any subject is always immersive and spellbinding. Nothing changes with his latest. The story looks rich and laced with humanity.Ultimately everything about this movie jumps at me and I can't wait to finally submerse myself in it. Will it be my favorite of 2011 is too hard to tell, but right now its got the most going for it through my eyes.


I'm DEFINITELY with you on Hugo Cabret (read the book! Get it for your kids! It's UNREAL amounts of great!!). Also, I sincerely believe that just about anything Crowe & Winding Refn put their names on turn to gold automatically for me, so again...YES. Rango looks like so much fun, and Tree of Life?? Well, it's MALICK. 'Nuff said. Can't really back you on the rest, but you have gotten me quite interested in Meek's Cutoff.