Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trailer: Source Code

In 2009 I saw a small scifi movie called Moon brilliantly directed by a first time director Duncan Jones. After seeing his movie the director will have my attention with almost anything he does. Jones has an eye I immediately took to and instantly knew I'd want to see more from him. This brings us to "Source Code," which follows a soldier that is part of military experiment that can transport him into another man's identity for the last 8 minutes of their life. Take a look below...

Very intriguing concept. "Source Code" certainly has loads of potential. I do have one worry, the love story. Not so sure we really needed to squeeze in the love angle. The scifi aspect of the Source Code alone has plenty to fill in the story not to mention the soldier (in this case Jake Gyllenhaal) who is leaping from inside of the Source Code to another man's body repeatedly. It's definitely not something that is gonna keep me from seeing the movie, but something that might begin to wear thin. "Source Code" releases April 15th, 2011. More as it becomes available.

Source: Apple trailers