Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trailer: Cars 2

"Cars 2" a sequel to the 2006 Pixar cartoon about Lighting McQueen. Now I thought the first Cars was just ok. It's certainly not my favorite Pixar film, but its also not my least favorite either. Generally speaking Pixar is the pinnacle of American animation these days and anything they do warrants some interest but after watching this teaser for "Cars 2" I find myself desperately trying to hold on to any spec interest in this sequel. Take a look for yourself.

Like I said, after watching that its real hard to truthfully say I have much interest in this film. I hate seeing that an original story about the vanishing American landscape has turned to a saving the world gimmick. It is Pixar though and they have yet to fail me, so I'm holding out some hope. "Cars 2" is directed by John Lasseter and releases June 24th, 2011. Stay tuned for more as it releases...