Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaser Poster: Red State

There has been plenty of negative press surrounding Kevin Smith as of late, but if his upcoming film "Red State" turns out anything like what he's talking it up to be, there's gonna be quite a bit of crow eating by a majority of press out there. Take a look at the new teaser poster for his religious based horror releasing next year along with Smith's feelings on the poster below.

Click poster for full resolution
The above image you seen is a grass-roots effort by Smith to generate interest in his upcoming title. In my eyes, he's done just that. Truthfully I've been on board since Clerks. I love Smith despite any mistakes he may or may have not made. This time however the guy seems to have a fire lit beneath him. He has a passion that had seemed to faded with his last three efforts, but now the guy has resurrected a new. Take a look at what Smith posted on his blog about the newly released teaser created by his producer's assistant.

"Moody, weird, and pitch-perfect for the tone of the film. If I went out to an ad agency here in town, I’d be billed close to 20 grand for a campaign that’d maybe… maybe… include this poster. But this piece of artwork (I call it “The Holy Ghost”) didn’t come from a top-tier ad agency: Jon Gordon is my RED STATE producer, and this poster was created by his assistant, Melissa Bloom. So we’ve got a marketing image that was put together by someone who was on set every day, integral to the process that produced the film which inspired this image...When we first looked at Melissa’s poster, someone said “You should give this to the ad agency as a guideline.” Guideline? Was an ad agency gonna make us any happier than Melissa’s image made us? The Holy Ghost is kinda perfect, and more importantly? It gives us a starting point from which to launch our home-grown marketing campaign. There’s an immediacy to it, but also: anybody could’ve taken the initiative and did this themselves....In fact, we’re doing everything the way Harvey taught us. That’s why Jon & I decided to call the RED STATE production company The Harvey Boys - as a shout-out to an Indie Icon who once said “Fuck this traditional bullshit, I’ll do it my way…” and gave us a metric shit-ton of awesome flicks."

While this is only a poster and there is still plenty to see before we know how good "Red State" will be, this poster is an excellent start. Color me very intrigued.

Source: Silent Bob Speaks