Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Sets Release Date

One film I walked away from San Diego Comic Con 2010 extremely excited to see is James Gunn's "Super" starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler and Nathan Fillion. The film revolves around a married man whose wife leaves him for a drug dealer, which in turn forces him into becoming a crime fighter known as the Crimson Bolt. This last week news broke that Gunn's low budget indie film which was picked up by IFC will be hitting select theaters April 1st, 2011. Check out the full details along with a few new stills released below...

Director James Gunn revealed on his website that "Super" will release on April Fool's Day 2011 in Los Angeles and New York exclusively. The following week the film will then be opened up to another 25 markets and made available for home rental via IFC's Video OnDemand or VOD programming. From that point, how much wider of a release will be based on appeal and B.O. returns. As Gunn says on his site, "So if you want it in your city go out there and tell your local theater you want SUPER!"

The only way this film will actually see a wide release is by people demanding it. Not sure how well that will work out considering both "Kick-Ass" and "Defendor" which are very similar in concept, did relatively poor at the B.O. "Super" does have a great cast, so it may have a chance to explode, but chances are this film will remain fairly limited and slowly build word-of-mouth.

Gunn also released a few new stills from the movie which I've included below. Take a peek at Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page in costume along with an interesting image of Rainn Wilson having breakfast with the man who stole his wife.
As for the images I love them. They are a perfect representation of the low-budget hero film. The offbeat and dark nature to Gunn's story really appealed to me and I can't wait to see this film opening day here in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more "Super" details as they break...

Source: James Gunn