Friday, November 5, 2010

Review - Jackass 3D

Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the Jackass crew return for a third round of gags, stunts, and self harm. The big difference this time is, the gang decides to make use of Hollywood's latest trend 3D.

"Jackass 3D" is the best use of a gimmick in 2010. Problem is Hollywood and every studio out there plugging 3D technology does not want us to think of 3D as a trend or a gimmick, but more so as something that is here to stay. Now this film isn't going to end 3D, that is hardly what I am saying, but more importantly it is a step in the wrong direction for 3D. I'm also not saying that the gimmick doesn't make it funny, because I definitely laughed quite a bit in the 94 minute romp.

Now a critical eye focused to any Jackass movie just seems kind of pointless. These movies are simple documentaries following a bunch of, well jackasses, as they punch each other in the groin and force one another through crazier and crazier gross out contests. Their are the occasional more rehearsed gags that take a wee bit more planning, but overall the guys once again, just stick to traditional gross-outs (but in 3D this time).

I went into "Jackass 3D" completely ready to be shocked, grossed out, laugh my ass off and awed by the 3D within the movie. Three out of four is not bad at all. Based on my previous comments I'm sure you can guess that the 3D was not at all what it was cracked up to be. For much of the movie their actually is zero stereoscopic 3D. I noticed numerous times while watching the movie that a majority of the cameras angles and shots are not in 3D. Actually it looked liked the crew only had one real 3D camera rig on location, the rest was done in post. Some of the 3D gags were pretty good. The opening was done really well and had repeated hysterical sight gags. All of the stuff done in slow motion with 3D added also looked great.

I think the most logical thing to look at is how this third installment of Jackass measured up to the previous two films. Overall this is probably my second favorite of the three films with Part 2 ahead of it and the original film in last. That said, I've never really been a big fan of the series or franchise. Sure I'd watch episodes from time-to-time and I've seen the previous movies but, its not something I clamor for or sought out on my own. Every time I've watched an episode or saw one of the films its with some friends and it was not my choice. These films are best served in this manner anyways. Anyone who would be pining away watching  Jackass by themselves has a problem in my book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the re-occurring gag of the old man that Knoxville plays. This time the gag wasn't nearly as funny as he has been in previous installments but that doesn't mean it wasn't shocking and served it purpose. A re-occurring gag I did not enjoy was the "cocktail" gag. This time we see Steve-O drink a cup of sweat that comes from Preston Lacy and I was nearly ready to head out to concessions just to take a break from the obscenity. I never did actually leave my seat for the film, I did however avert my eyes numerous times.

In conclusion Jackass is at its best when the stunts are more about being funny or shocking vs the gross-out variety. Watching grown men having bowel movements or being covered in feces is not my kind of enjoyment and only leaves my stomach turned. "Jackass 3D" has a fair share of both so it left me both entertained and disgusted. At the end of the day, I'm sure the Jackass guys are more than fine with that mentality.