Friday, November 5, 2010

Poster: Tron Legacy

For awhile now it seems that their is a new "Tron Legacy" poster coming out every other week, but this latest trio of posters is too good for me not to draw a little more attention to Disney's marketing. Starting at the beginning of the week, Empire Online began a slow drip of 3 new posters that would make one Triptych banner. Not only is each piece of the triptych set outstanding together they make a elaborate display of the story and conflict set to take place in the long awaited sequel. Clu and Flynn on opposite sides with Flynn's son caught in the middle. It is  a brilliant design. Gotta love that the middle portion is such a classic throwback to the original poster. I've included each of the posters in high resolution below along with them combined. Enjoy...

Click each image for full size

Source: Empire