Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dune Needs a Director Again

Its been quite some time since I reported on the potential reboot of "Dune," but this week new developments have left me worried on what exactly will become of the property.  Read the full details below...

Last I'd reported Chase Palmer had hired to pen a new draft of "Dune" for director Pierre Morel. Morel has previously directed the ultimate stinker From Paris with Love but before that a much better film Taken. It seems that Morel is now off the project as director but will remain on as executive producer. Meanwhile Morel leaving the director's chair has left Paramount in something of a pickle. The studio needs to get the project shooting by Spring otherwise the property rights fall back to the original owners.

Deadline reports that Paramount is currently seeking a new director to fill the vacancy left by Pierre Morel. They must settle on a firm production start date by next Spring or face losing the rights and/or all money put into the property. A price tag that is reported at $100 million.

Now the question is will Paramount find a worthwhile candidate to direct Palmer's script by Spring? Surely they can find someone to direct, but will that director's vision mesh with what Palmer has already penned? Their is no time to have a director come in and want re-writes or a whole new draft. At this point the studio seems to be stuck with getting a director who is onboard with what the studio has already set up, otherwise Paramount can kiss "Dune" goodbye.

More on this front as it develops...

Source: Deadline