Friday, November 19, 2010

1st Set Still From Dredd

Last I reported on "Dredd" we had learned that Olivia Thirlby would be playing the lawman's new partner. Today on Twitter comic book/concept artist Jock posted our first look at Karl Urban all suited up and ready to enforce! Take a look at the new image below...

Click image for full size
Since I first saw Jock's concept art for "Dredd" I got supremely excited. Then more details about the story and castings began to seep out and I admit, I got a little worried. For starters, Karl Urban up until Star Trek had not impressed me and the idea of another rookie female partner by Dredd's side just gave me stomach cramps. But now this image appears and I'm drooling again. Yes I know, I'm as fickle as a high school girl.

In my own defense, I actually came around back in September when I listened to writer/producer Alex Garland speak about his passion for the project. Garland is someone I highly respect and if his ideas end up on screen, "Dredd" is gonna be just what we've been waiting for from the ultra-violent comic.

As far as this new image, its a wonderful tease. The image was apparently taken during a dress rehearsals and is not from an actual scene in the movie. The Dredd costume looks excellent and Urban seems to have the perfect mug for the helmet. Can't wait to see more from this film directed by Pete Travis in the near future. Stay tuned...

Source: Twitter