Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Wars 3D Cash Grab

News broke this week that George Lucas is working towards bringing the Star Wars saga back into theaters! Yes all 6 films back in theaters starting in 2012. Why you might ask, to show off that he knows how to capitalize on a gimmick of course. That gimmick being 3D. Yes, George Lucas is in the process of post converting all six films to 3D. Read the full scoop below...

George Lucas has stressed that he is doing the 3D post conversion right. This will not be a quick wham bam job like WB did with Clash of the Titans or Paramount did with The Last Airbender, but one that will be done right. Well, at least that's what the press release says. There is definitely reason to believe that with Industrial Light & Magic supervising the conversion into stereoscopic 3D they will do a better job, but the question still remains is this necessary?

Look we've all seen James Cameron's Avatar and we were blown away by the 3D technology. It looked awesome, but that doesn't mean I need to re-visit a classic scifi franchise in 3D now or ever for that matter. Just because the technology is out there doesn't mean we need to go back and 3D-ize all the classics. Leave classic cinema alone. Adding 3D to the Death Star run in A New Hope sounds cool, but do I really need to see it? Nope. That scene is amazing on its own and adding 3D effects isn't going to change that. All it is going to do is add further lining to George Lucas' pockets.

The Star Wars saga is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Well, the original 3 films anyways. Not sure I would say the same about the lesser prequels. If George Lucas really wanted to get me and his core-fans back into the theaters, why not release the original 3 films as they were made? Get rid of the fancy extra CGI and give us our original trilogy back. A perfect example is the lame brained song added to Return of the Jedi in Jabba's lair. They turned a creepy moment in the film into a pop song for christ sakes. At the very least re-release them on DVD or Blu-Ray. Lord knows 20th Century Fox loves to double and triple dip on their franchises in the home video sales market. Just look at the Alien or Predator franchises.

The plan is to release one movie per year starting in 2012. Which means we won't even get to the good movies until 2014! Honestly I hope this plan is blown up like the Death Star in Episode IV. I can careless about seeing the converted saga in theaters.

While I'm sure George Lucas and ILM could give us a spectacular 3D conversion to the entire Star Wars saga, the entire idea sounds like nothing more than a unnecessary cash grab. Mr. Lucas should instead try focusing on making a good movie again, one that will win back some of the hardcore fans he's lost since making the prequels and that lackluster 4th Indiana Jones adventure.

Source: THR