Sunday, July 11, 2010

X-Men First Class Roll Call

"X-Men: First Class" has been building up for awhile now but we are finally getting closer to a full cast and a proposed shooting date. With that being said, I figured I would give us all a breakdown of what's happening so far. We all known that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has ended up in the director's chair, but the large cast is a little bit more foggy. Checkout the line up after the break...

Here's a breakdown of whose locked in for their roles in "X-Men: First Class." James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier. Michael Fassbender as Eric Lensherr otherwise known as Magneto. Nicholas Hoult as Dr. Henry Philip McCoy or Beast. Alice Eve will play Emma Frost. Caleb Landry Jones will portray Sean Cassidy better known as Banshee and Lucas Till is playing Scott Summers little brother Alex Summers aka Havok.

While I'm sure most of you know who James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are, let me give a tiny history on some of these lesser known names. Alice Eve can most recently be seen in this year's She's Out of My League opposite Jay Baruchel. Nicholas Hoult was briefly in this year's Clash of the Titans as Eusebios, but had a far lager role in last year's acclaimed Tom Ford film A Single Man. Caleb Landry Jones who is playing Banshee will be next seen in David Fincher's "The Social Network" but also had a brief part in the 2008 football movie starring Ice Cube, The Longshots. Last but not least actor Lucas Till has had a few supporting roles in Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Spy Next Door and Dance of the Dead.

The rest of this roll call delves into the more unconfirmed/rumor territory. Some of these names have been floated around for awhile now and there's no telling (presently) if they are valid or unsubstantiated. Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson may play Scott Summers aka Cyclops. This rumor has been swirling since Vaughn was confirmed as the director, but more recently Entertainment Weekly believes this report to be false. Amber Heard's name has been mentioned for Mystique. A role that Rebecca Romijn filled out nicely previously. Heard seems like a ripe fit for the blue skinned beauty, but until we have a confirmation, there's no use getting too excited. Rosamund Pike was previously rumored for Emma Frost, but may be in-line to play Moira McTaggert, again this has not been confirmed by 20th Century Fox. Actor Frank Dillane and surfer Erica Hosseini have also been mentioned, but like the rest of these names remain unconfirmed at this time.

Finally, let's get to some really interesting news, Deadline is reporting that Kevin Bacon is in negotiations to play the villain. No confirmation on which villain Bacon would play, but any way you look at this choice, it's positive. Kevin Bacon is a master and having him spar off against the X-Men is alright in my book no matter who he is playing. Word is that Bacon would play Mr. Sinister, but for now that is merely conjecture.

Source: Deadline