Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trailer: I Spit on Your Grave

Yet another classic horror film has been remade, this time it is the 1970's cult hit I Spit on Your Grave. A movie that for its time pushed the boundaries of horror and was slammed by critics for its brutal and graphic depictions of rape. Let's just say it's no family film and probably one that you will certainly have to seek out to find. Seems a little strange that someone would remake a film that is destined for a limited release and a lot negative feedback, but here we are. Below I've included the trailer and poster for the remake which hits limited theaters October 8th, 2010.

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Gotta say that I have extremely mixed emotions about this remake. I will agree that the original film is dated and could certainly be spiced up and set currently, but from the look of both the trailer and poster, the remake isn't offering anything new. The poster above is a direct copy of the original 1978 poster. In '78 I Spit on Your Grave made waves of controversy over the brutal rape, but more recently we have seen these themes done. Let us not forget how many torture horrors have released recently. Last year we also saw the remake to another 70's rape horror, The Last House on the Left. If "I Spit on Your Grave" is anything like 'Last House on the Left' I'll be walking away bitterly disappointed. I guess the question is outside of sex appeal, what is the point of remaking this film if it doesn't present anything new?

Source: I Spit on Your Grave Movie | Bloody Disgusting


Probably to get the younger audience to watch it. A lot of 'kids today' don't want to watch any of those 'old' movies and this gets them to go to the theater. More violence, more pain = more money at the box office.

That is an acceptable reason, though shouldn't kids, teens or the younger generation see these old movies that inspired all these remakes?