Monday, July 19, 2010

Teaser Trailer: The Goon

Today a brand new teaser trailer for "The Goon" hit the net and I've got it here for you below. The teaser trailer is brought to us by MTV and includes promotion for the upcoming panel at Comic Con on Friday. The panel is said to actually include Paul Giamatti (voice of Frankie) in attendance along with producer David Fincher. The thought of sharing the same room with Giamatti and Fincher is reason enough to attend the panel Friday night, but this teaser is exactly what fans of the Eric Powell comic should've been waiting for. Take a look for yourself after the break....

Yeah, if you are a fan of The Goon like me, you're probably jumping up and down right now. Not only does Giamatti sound great as Frankie, but the look is dead on to the comic. I've been waiting for sometime for "The Goon" to finally get a release and this new footage, plus the upcoming panel at Comic Con are just further steps towards that finally happening. Stay tuned for more news on "The Goon" as it breaks...

As an extra treat here is the first poster released for "The Goon." I remember seeing this poster two years ago at Comic Con and getting so excited, but now with actually footage, I'm ecstatic!

Click poster for full resolution
Source: MTV