Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nick Cave Reworking The Crow

This news took me by surprise when I heard it and truthfully I'm still scratching my head. Word is that singer/songwriter Nick Cave has been brought on to re-write Stephen Norrington's "The Crow" script. Yes, the same guy who wrote "The Proposition" and sang the Scream theme song Red Right Hand is now working on a re-boot of the cult comic book anti-hero. Read the full report after the break below...

Nick Cave is one of my favorite musicians hands down. The guy is a genius. His writing isn't too shabby either. I have loved each of his novels and am an epic fan of his screenplays. So having Cave re-writing 'The Crow' script sounds mighty fine. The Crow movies outside of the original 1994 film have been pure crap. Barely even worth watching, but hiring Nick Cave to re-work the script could be the best thing done for the franchise. Cave is sure to bring the right tone and story arc to James O'Barr's original character.

Previously Stephen Norrington was attached to write and direct but his script, is the reason of this report, so there is no telling whether Norrington is still attached to direct. Norrington's script was said to include two major locations. One set in the southwest and the other being set in a northern midwest to eastern big city. Perhaps Cave has just been brought in to polish up Norrington's script. Cave does lend himself well to both of these settings. Perhaps he will be completely overhauling the story. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if Cave was coming in to bring a entirely new and unique approach to character. At this point, there is no telling because, no one is saying.

For now all we can do is wait and see what comes of this report. Stay tuned because with Nick Cave now attached to the project, I am sure to be following the progress of "The Crow" closely.

Source: The Wrap