Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Thor Images Boggles

Today a brand new image from the upcoming Marvel Studios film "Thor" hit newsstands. The last few images have had quite a bit of mixed reviews, but this new image is amazing. Absolutely stunning. The image itself comes again from Asgard and looks to show Thor on trial in front of his father Odin. Fandral, Hogun, Frigga and Loki are also looking on. Take a look at the new image for yourself after the jump...

Click image for full resolution

Yesterday I scanned the above image from the Los Angeles Times newspaper, but it was a tad grainy, so its been exchanged with the new digital image in all of its splendor! I expected that the L.A. Times website would be adding the image to their site soon and low and behold, this morning was that time. The image came from a Comic Con related article in today's Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times which focused on the fact the "Thor" will be the first Marvel Studios film in 3D. Today's article on the times blog, The Hero Complex, has a few quotes from Marvel President Kevin Feige and director Kenneth Branagh how attending Comic Con this week. Branagh said, "Because of what I've heard, I can't wait... the celebration and the incredible energy and enthusiasm and knowledge and passion for everything that goes on there. I'm excited to be part of that and I feel privileged to be able to go and take look. I'm keen to see that passion and enthusiasm." Stay tuned as more news about "Thor" as it releases!

Source: Hero Complex