Monday, July 19, 2010

Judge Dredd Script Details

I've been closely following and covering the "Judge Dredd" development since it was first announced two years ago. I've always been a big fan of the comic and to a lesser degree the movie that starred Sylvester Stallone. Today new details have emerged surrounding the talked of script penned by Alex Garland and I have the full scoop for you below...

Previously we've known that the Alex Garland script would be a departure from campy movie starring Stallone shifting to a much darker story and film. New details compare the script to be a mix of Die Hard meets Blade Runner. Whoa, those are two epic shoes to fill! I for one, hope that director Pete Travis will be able to pull off those lofty comparisons. Playlist explains that Garland's script while being set in a Blade Runner type setting will be a fairly straight forward action film. The blog goes on to call the script "generic and video-game level simplistic."

The script is described to follow Judge Dredd as he has a rookie Judge shadowing for the evening. Dredd will be making a decision whether the new recruit is fit to be a Judge on her own. Yes, that's right, the recruit is a female character named Cassandra Anderson. Unfortunately, this news doesn't please me. The first Judge Dredd film featured a young Diane Lane in essentially the same role. I'm sure the rookie character here, is different from the 1995 film, but regardless I would've liked a whole new approach.

The rookie Judge isn't the only thing that sounds borrowed. Alex Garland's script is said to feature a new drug called Slo-Mo. Word is that the drug will bring some crazy visuals to the screen, but I can't help to think of Robocop 2, which featured a street drug the robotic cop was trying to snuff out.

The good side of the news on Garland's script is it is action heavy, very gritty and moves at a perfect speed. It will be accessible for audiences that are not familiar with the character while also having enough to keep the hardcore fans happy. And yes, you will hear, "I am the law." Stay tuned for more details on "Judge Dredd" as they break.

Source: Playlist


I think this sounds pretty awful.

The plot sounds like a rip-off of Escape From New York. Dredd has to find a perp, escape block before the gangs and warlord kills him. That's more or less identical to Escape From New York. That was a great film back in its day but Dredd doesn't need to copy that.

Slo-mo sounds like bullet time from The Matrix. Again, rip-off.

Ma-Ma sounds a terrible name for the villain. The Dredd comic strip has had great bad guy names: Judge Death, Father Earth, The Angel Gang, Sabbat, Orlok the assassin, Trapper Hag etc. But the main perp in the film is called Ma-Ma. Is this some bad joke?

We've also got the comments "video game simplistic" and "generic." Hardly positive terms! Who knows, maybe the action will be good but the storyline sounds very unoriginal and not worthy of Dredd. I'd like to see something more original like Dredd's Graveyard Shift story or The Hunter's Club. That would be amazing.