Thursday, July 15, 2010

EW's Green Lantern Reveal

Our first official looks at Ryan Reynolds in character for "The Green Lantern" has finally hit the cover of a magazine. That sounds sorta weird in this day and age, but yes, Entertainment Weekly magazine has debuted our very first look at Reynolds in the suit. The magazine also has a few key images from other members of the cast. Take a look at "The Green Lantern" after the break...

Warner Brothers are doing something a little different with "The Green Lantern." They have decided to forgo using a traditional costume and will instead utilize CGI for the Green Lantern costume Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) wears. There have been a few set photos of Reynolds in a run of the mill motion capture suit, but where's the fun in posting those images. Luckily now we can now see where WB is planning to go with the look of the suit. Take a look at the cover of EW's Comic Con Preview issue.

Click cover for full resolution
I gotta say right off the bat, what the hell is that? Hal Jordan looks like he is on display at the popular Gunther von Hagens Bodyworlds exhibits not a member of the Lantern Corps. The idea that the power of the ring is actually streaming through Jordan's suit is an interesting thought, but I do not like the execution of it here on the cover. Furthermore, the mask looks weird. It looks like some random blogger pasted it to Ryan Reynolds face. Is that the best were gonna get Warner Bros.? I certainly hope not. Checkout the rest of the images within the latest Entertainment Weekly, by turning off your computer and going down to your local magazine stand to pick up a copy.

Source: Entertainment Weekly