Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updates: Fright Night Remake

The remake to the 1980's cult hit "Fright Night" is gearing up fairly rapidly. The last time I covered the project back in April, Anton Yelchin had been cast in the title role of Charlie Brewster. Since then we've gotten a few new cast members along with some more details about location and plot developments. Take a look at who else is in "Fright Night" and exactly where the update will take place after the jump...

So much for any town USA, the Dreamworks remake with Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) directing will be set in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas setting will also play into the story line. In the original 1985 vampire romp, Charlie enlists the help of a late night Horror host Peter Vincent and this time around, Charlie will be asking a Vegas Strip magician to help him kill the vampire that moves in next door. The studio is selling it as a "Chris Angel-type" magician. Just who will play this Vegas magician? None other than Dr. Who actor David Tennant. I'm sure Tennant gets some people excited, but when you've not been a Dr. Who fanatic for ages the casting seems to have no effect. Well at least on me.

A couple months back news broke that Colin Farrell would take over the vampire next door role of Jerry Dandrige originally played by Chris Sarandon. Toni Collette has been cast has Charlie's mother Judy Brewster, while newcomer Asim Ahmad will play detective Sabian. I have to say all of these castings aren't bad, especially when combined with director Craig Gillespie. Hold on though, I'm not all that eager for this remake, nor have I finished with all of the casting scoops.

We now also know that Christopher Mintz-Plasse has been cast as Evil Ed Thompson. Here's where the cast takes a dump. I like Mintz-Plasse, but he just does not feel right for Evil Ed at all. Much of my sentiments against Plasse have already been said by Devin Faraci over at CHUD, but the fact is I don't think he will be able to bring the same level of nerd that Stephen Geoffreys did in the original.

The heart of my problem with this remake won't be any of the casting, because they very well could surprise me, my problem lies with it happening altogether. There is no real reason to remake this movie. The original 1985 film does feel slightly dated, but nothing all that major. Throwing in a cellphone or two and moving the film's location to Vegas isn't going to make it a better film. Maybe we can at least get some better looking vampire teeth this time around? I'm holding out hope that this talented cast and director will work some magic into the remake, but realistically, I'd rather just watch the original again. Stay tuned for more updates as they develop...

Source: The Playlist