Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trailer: Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity was a pretty big success and like any big success in Hollywood, they'll make a sequel out of it. With that in mind I have the first trailer for the upcoming sequel. The trailer is fairly effective for what it intends to do, which is draw the viewer in. Be weary however if you haven't seen the first film yet, because this trailer gives away the ending to the last movie. Take a look for yourself below...

Here's a few of the techinical details to the upcoming sequel. Tod Williams directed "Paranormal Activity 2" off a script penned by Michael R. Perry. Outside of that Paramount is remaining fairly tight lipped about the plot details in the sequel. We can see a woman standing in the doorway during a segment in the trailer, but there's no telling if that is Katie from the first film or a new woman under some sort of demonic influence. I assume the sequel will follow an entirely new family, but there is no telling as of yet. "Paranormal Activity 2" is set to release this October 22nd. As you probably noticed in the trailer, the sequel adds a baby to the mix and gives you a bit of a scare with mirror play. I have to say the trailer does enough to get me intrigued. I enjoyed the first film a lot, so there is no reason why I won't lining up for the next fright.


Ugh. The first Paranormal sucked. But that is always cause for a sequel. They should have condensed the first movie to 30 minutes and put it on scy fy. Would have been better.