Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead

If you've been following along at home "The Walking Dead" series is coming to AMC this October. The series will follow the graphic novel penned by Robert Kirkman and is being directed/produced by Frank Darabont. This week the series begins shooting and some behind the scenes images have popped up online that give us a frightening look at the zombies we'll be seeing in the upcoming cable series. Just like you've guessed, I have them here for you below. I've also included an interview with Darabont himself talking up the series and what it means to him. See them both after the jump...

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First and foremost let me say, that I absolutely love what I am seeing so far. The Walking Dead is an amazing graphic novel and seeing this kind of detail put into the series is very refreshing. AMC has done a fabulous job on their other series, so there's reason to believe that "The Walking Dead" won't follow suit. Furthermore, listening to Frank Darabont speak about the project really gets me excited. You can tell he loves zombies and wants to do justice to the source material. Not to mention his recent interview feels authentic and not just some simple lobbying. Take a look at the interview now.

Source: AMC Blogs


i wanna watch that movie. hey how you been Mr.S, i don't know if you remember me. my names frank. you were my replacement teacher like 2-3 times at FOHI, since i was a freshmen. i ran into Mr.Vito today and he let me know about your website.