Friday, June 11, 2010

MGM's Woes Shelve Red Dawn

For sometime now we've seen MGM's financial woes stall a number of properties. James Bond and "The Hobbit" are two prime examples of this, but now were hearing that another upcoming title might have hit a speed bump too. The remake to the 1980's cult hit "Red Dawn" may be officially shelved by the problematic studio. Take a look at the full scoop after the break...

The Los Angeles Times dropped the news yesterday that "Red Dawn" won't be hitting cinemas come November 24th. Why might you ask? The easiest answer is MGM has no money to promote the pictures release. The remake was shot here in the US in Michigan for an estimated cost of $42 million but as of right now The Times claim the nearly finished film has no financing to get it in theaters.

The original film followed a group of American teens who band together to defeat the Communist Russian Army that had invaded the US. This time around, Russians aren't the enemy, but instead the Chinese are. The remake directed by Dan Bradley features a relative cast of unknowns, but this cast could become extremely marketable if a few pieces come together. Namely if Marvel's upcoming "Thor" is a big hit. Chris Hemsworth, who is the lead in Thor also heads "Red Dawn." I wouldn't be surprised if "Thor" is marketable at the Box Office that another studio would pick up the distributing rights to 'Dawn.' Of course it is a long shot, but at this point it might be the only hope for the remake.

Updated: Moments ago I spoke with source who says that the L.A. Times story could be wrong. From what they told me, everything is still on track for a November release to "Red Dawn." Whether or not this is true I can not confirm, but I can say that I trust this source and their info. I do hope that we will get to see 'Dawn' released this fall. I am pretty hopeful for the film and believe the remake has the right components to be a viable hit. Stay tuned for more as it develops...

Source: L.A. Times