Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trailer: Machete

First off, Happy Cinco de Mayo. Secondly, I've got a badass trailer for you to gander at! Our first look at "Machete" has hit the net and believe me, it was worth the wait. Perhaps you are saying right now, what is Machete? And my answer would be a faux movie trailer that actually ended up becoming a feature length film. More on "Machete" including the new trailer after the jump...

Here's a quick rundown for any readers who are in the dark on this latest Robert Rodriguez effort. "Machete" started off as a faux trailer that played in between Planet Terror and Death Proof the double feature film by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino titled Grindhouse. The trailer was a huge hit and quickly word spread that a feature length film would follow. Originally word was that the film would be direct-to-dvd, but after some legendary castings, the film is headed for a theatrical release this Labor Day, September 3rd.

Being Cinco de Mayo and being good friends with Harry Knowles over at AICNRR decided to give his fans a little treat and also a bit of a political message. The brand new "Machete" trailer is being labeled as the "Illegal" trailer because it calls out the situation going on currently in Arizona (Sorry this forum is for Entertainment and I'm not going to get the politics of it all, head over to CNN for that).

Stay tuned more on "Machete" as it develops...

Source: AICN