Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Men in Black III Updates

For quite sometime now we've heard rumblings of a third Men in Black movie. It sorta always seemed like a long shot, but one I hoped would happen. A movie that Sony would probably pass on because of the heavy price tag to get star Will Smith back in the black and white suit. Sony/Columbia has in fact got the Men in Black ball moving and the second sequel is happening and set for a release in 2012. Take a look below for the full rundown on "Men in Black III"...

Since 2008, it has been fairly for sure that a third would movie happen, with the question just being when. Barry Sonnenfeld will return to direct. Sonnenfeld also directed the first two scifi comedies. Back in November of 2009, Sony/Columbia hired Etan Cohen to pen a script for the second sequel and word since then has been positive. Cohen who previously penned Tropic Thunder, helped to woo Will Smith back for a third go round.

So the big question about a third Men in Black movie is, who will return? Sony/Columbia have luckily got both Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to return (sort of). Word is that Cohen's script deals with time travel and someone else will be playing a younger version of Agent Kay. In order to have a younger Agent Kay that's not made over by CGI, Columbia has landed Josh Brolin to play him. Brolin is perfect for the part. He has both the look and range to pull off Tommy Lee Jones. Jones is however, still in the script and will play Agent Kay in the present day scenes.

This brings us up to current speed. Although this week a few more bits of info have surfaced on the third movie. We know that "Men in Black III" will be in 3D and is set for a May 25th, 2012 release. We also now seem to have our first villain! News broke yesterday that Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords will play a role rumored to be Yaz. Sacha Baron Cohen has also been rumored for the role. No word on whether both Clement and Baron Cohen would play the same villain at different ages or if Cohen is out of the running with Jemaine Clement set to star. I love the idea of Clement as a baddie for the threequel. He's seems to be a effective choice for a comedy/action, one that can trade a few lines with Will Smith as well as some punches. Stay tuned for more on "Men in Black III" as it breaks...

Source: Heat Vision