Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gift Delivers Logan's Run

Earlier this year a powerful short titled The Gift made rounds through the net. The scifi short was directed by Carl Rinsch and promoted a new line of Philips televisions. Outside of the promotion, the short definitely got a few executives attention and as a result, Carl Rinsch is now in final talks to helm a remake of the 70's utopian scifi "Logan's Run" for Warner Brothers. Read the full scoop after the jump...

The attention Carl Rinsch has received seems very much warranted. Don't believe me, watch the short for yourself here on SMR in the left column under Featured Video. The short lends itself to exactly what you could expect from a new take on Logan's Run. A movie that does in every way feel dated. I actually watched the 1976 film for the first time back in April and had a blast with it, and after watching it without nostalgic lenses I can see the potential of a remake if done well.

Even though this news is fairly exciting, the remake remains a ways off. WB still needs to have Rinsch sign the dotted line along with hiring new writers to take a stab at the script. Which has been done before and never got in front of cameras. Warner's has been trying to get a "Logan's Run" remake off the ground for nearly 15 years with directors including Bryan Singer and Joseph Kosinski attached at different times.

The original novel written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson followed a futurist society which forced every person to die upon their 30th birthday. If a person decided not to follow suite, they were deemed a "runner" and were hunted down by agents known as Sandmen. There is a lot that can be improved upon from the original film, which has a very campy feel to it. I would suspect that WB will go for a hyper-real story instead of sex appeal and camp. In my world, there is plenty of room for both. Here's to hoping that this time Warner Bros. gets "Logan's Run" rolling. Stay tuned for more updates as the develop...

Source: Heat Vision