Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Voltron & Robotech Updates

Two anime cartoons/toys I always had a mild interest in is Voltron and Robotech. I make no claim to be the connoisseur that some are, but I've always enjoyed the two series. This week news has broke on both properties. While neither bit of news is groundbreaking, it definitely illustrates some momentum on the particular projects. Read the full details after the jump...

I will cover the least exciting news first. A "Voltron" film has been in development hell for quite some time now. World Events Productions Ltd. have sole control of the property. The film has undergone a few scripts and had Max Makowski attached to direct. Presently however, the property is back at square one. Makowski is off the project and both Justin Marks and Jeff Davis scripts have been scrapped. WEP is reported to be currently working with Atlas Entertainment to develop a feature film. How long before we actually see forward progress on "Voltron" is up for debate. Although the 8 year-old in me, is hoping for sooner rather than later.

As far as "Robotech" is concerned, a director may very well be coming aboard the project. At the very least, an offer is out. Over the weekend at WonderCon, "The Losers" director Sylvain White was asked if he had been approached to direct "Robotech." The director confirmed that he is interested in doing it and has been a long time fan of the series. He however did pump the brakes a bit, by saying that the project is not on any fast track. He said, "It's not a project is green lit. It's a great cult series...I'm interested in doing it. The project is not fast tracked. There is no official thing. They sent me a draft and I liked it. It's a work in progress." Sylvain White also included that the project being developed at Warner Brothers with Tobey Maguire producing (and possibly starring) would follow the first generation.

While neither of these news bits are earth-shattering, they should give anime fans of both Voltron and Robotech a little bit to chew on. I remain hopeful for both of these projects and would rather see them done justice, then just thrown together and released. One would think with the technology used in James Cameron's Avatar, "Voltron" and "Robotech" could do some amazing things for the anime series'.

Stay tuned for more on both "Robotech" and "Voltron" as they develop...

Source: Coming Attractions | IESB