Monday, April 26, 2010

Trailer: Piranha 3D

Here's a movie and or trailer I did not see myself getting all that excited for. But for a number of reasons this trailer really gets me amped for the feeding frenzy that will be "Piranha 3D." The teaser trailer does a great job of introducing the update to  new viewers while setting the stage for what looks to be one chomping good time (sorry about the bad pun). Take a look for yourself after the break...

I gotta say prior to seeing this trailer, I was pretty so what about Alexandre Aja's latest. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the original films, not to mention really liked Aja's take on The Hills Have Eyes, but it just seemed like yet another unnecessary remake. While the jury is out that "Piranha 3D" will be worth the admission, this trailer does an exceptional job leading me to believe it will. You have to love the cast involved too. Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, Eli Roth and many many more! Seriously, August 27th can't come quick enough.