Thursday, April 1, 2010

Trailer 2: The A-Team

A brand new trailer for "The A-Team" has hit the net today and I have it here for you below. The second trailer gives us a bunch more story development and a arsenal of action. I grew up on the original television show, so it goes without saying, my hopes are extremely high for this one. Take a look at the second trailer along with a new poster and some high resolution screen captures from the latest trailer after the jump...

While I am not very happy that the second trailer gives away the demolition of the original A-Team van, I have to say this trailer keeps my excitement fairly high. The cast looks to have nailed the vibe of the original characters and the movie looks to have done a good job of bringing the concept current with tons of action. I especially love the part with B.A. whistling the original theme, nice touch!

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I gotta say, I am NOT a fan of this poster. Number one, B.A. Baracus looks like he's mid crap and number two, its boring. This poster does nothing for me. Why not a group shot versus these four close-ups made into one poster. Pretty bad. Oh well can't win them all. Despite a lackluster poster, I can't wait for "The A-Team" to hit theaters June 11th.

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If you hadn't guessed from all the smiling going on in these stills and the trailer, I'd bet  the Joe Carnahan directed action is going to be a lot of fun to watch play out. Checkout over 50 images over at "The A-Team" gallery and stay tuned for more as it breaks...

Source: Apple Trailers


Yeah I dug the part with B.A. whistling too. Cool post!