Saturday, April 10, 2010

'Strangers 2' Getting Closer

Its been some time since we've heard anything substantial on a The Strangers sequel but today news has broke that casting for a second installment is gearing up. I loved Bryan Bertino's first effort (read my review here) and have been eagerly anticipating a sequel. Checkout the full scoop after the the break...

Dating back to 2008 there has been slow progress on a Part 2 to The Strangers. Following the release of the first film, Rogue Pictures hired Bryan Bertino to return and begin working on penning the sequel. Bertino of course wrote and directed the first film, which did favorable money here in the States. Moving into 2009, Rogue hired French director Laurent Briet to step behind the lens and direct for the follow up horror. Rogue and Relativity Media have kept a tight lip on the storyline for the sequel, but the film is believed to move into a abandon trailer park.

This week's news tells us that "The Strangers 2" is gearing up for casting. Bloody Disgusting has heard that Liv Tyler is still set to return as the title character Kristen McKay. No word just yet if Tyler's character will just be featured in the opening of the film or stay on as a major character throughout. One can only assume that Kip Weeks, Gemma Ward and Laura Margolis will return as Man in the Mask, Dollface and Pin-Up Girl, leaving only the would-be victims and minimal characters still to cast.

This isn't the first time the sequel sounded like it would shoot shortly, but with casting momentum, hopefully we will see "The Strangers 2" in theaters by early 2011. Personally, the sooner the better. I can't wait for well paced scares like the first film produced. Stay tuned for more on "The Strangers 2" as it breaks...

Source: Bloody Disgusting