Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walking Dead Gets 6

Brains are in our near future! We've known for sometime that "The Walking Dead" is being developed into a potential cable series for AMC. The cable channel has been moving at a fairly fast pace and this week news broke that the series will be the AMC's fourth original series. Checkout the full report after the break...

Back in August AMC won the rights to the project which is was created by Robert Kirkman and produced by Image comics. The idea for a cable series based on Kirkman's original work was pitched by acclaimed writer/director Frank Darabont. Following the bidding war won by AMC, the channel ordered the pilot episode to "The Walking Dead" back in January. This week however, AMC has officially ordered a six-episode launching point that will premiere in October apart of the channel's Fearfest.

Shooting on the series is said to begin in June in Atlanta, Georgia. Meanwhile "The Walking Dead" is currently casting. So far the only actor aboard the project is Jon Bernthal (The Ghost Writer) who will play the role of Shane. Shane is a friend and partner of the small town police officer, Rick Grimes. Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers) is in final negotiations to play the lead character Rick Grimes.

I have been beyond excited for this project since I initially reported on it last August. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite comics in recent years. Not just because it is about zombies, but how well the series has been able to deal with real life survival situations and psyche post a zombie-apocalypse. The original comic series is pure gold and hopefully the cable television series will be somewhere close. Stay tuned for more news as breaks...

Source: THR | Bloody Disgusting