Wednesday, March 24, 2010

U.S. Release Details for Rec 2

Being a big fan of the Spanish language horror flick [Rec.] I have been closely following any details for the sequel and its eventual release here in the U.S. Thanks to the guys over at Shock Till You Drop we now know that "[Rec] 2" will hit limited theaters July 9th. For more details continue reading...

Laemmle Theaters have confirmed that the Sunset 5 here in Los Angeles will have a one week limited run of the horror sequel. Magnolia Pictures is distributing the horror and will most likely unveil the film on DVD soon after.

If your are reading this and are wondering what exactly is [Rec] or the sequel, here in the States you might be more familiar the remake Quarantine which released in 2008. The remake in my opinion fails in comparison to Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza directed original. If you've never seen the spanish language flick, it is finally available on DVD here in the U.S. and I highly recommend checking it out.

"[Rec] 2" picks up right where the 2007 original leaves off. With a group still quarantined inside of the apartment complex. This time a new medical officer and a SWAT team are sent in with video cameras to asses and control the virus unleashed within the building.

Stay tuned for more on "[Rec] 2" as it develops...

Source: Shock Till You Drop | Laemmle Theaters