Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trailer: Predators

Last week we got our first look at the Nimrod Antal directed "Predators" with some behind the scenes footage of the filming and trailer from SXSW. Producer Robert Rodriguez promised to have the first trailer released shortly thereafter. He came through on his promise, but I had failed to get the trailer up here on Schofizzy Movie Review until today. Take a look at the trailer after the jump...

When I initially heard there would be another Predator movie I remained very uninterested. Most of the casting choices didn't jump out at me as anything special nor people who could carry a film like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am a pretty big fan of Robert Rodriquez, but with him only producing and Nimrod Antal directing I remain fairly bored on the project. I have to say, after seeing the behind the scenes footage and newest trailer, I am a bit more intrigued.

Adrien Brody looks like he might be on point here in "Predators." The film really looks to capture the tone of the original film, even though the settings and character development have changed. Add the fact that Latino Review gave the script a lot of praise prior to shooting the film and this film might be alright. Surely it couldn't be worse than Predator 2 or any of the silly Alien vs. Predator films released by 20th Century Fox.

"Predators" releases July 9th. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months as more develops...

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I still don't get why everyone hates on PREDATOR 2! I LOVE that movie... In fact, I ALMOST like it better than the first! :-)