Saturday, March 13, 2010

Predators Sneak Peek

Yesterday rabid Predator fans lined up at SXSW for a Exclusive first look at "Predators" produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal. Lucky for us, today producer Robert Rodriguez released the very same footage shown at SXSW online. Take a look at the footage below including a few high resolution screen captures from the previewed behind the scenes footage...

Let's be straight ever since the original Predator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger the rest of the films have been garbage. When news broke back in July that Robert Rodriguez was shaping up a sequel I can't deny I got intrigued, but have remained very hesitant about the project. After watching this footage, I got say, I'm impressed. It looks like director Nimrod Antal has the perfect look going in both the location and cast.

Since Adrien Brody was cast back in October, I have not been very excited he would be our champion. It's not that I don't like Brody, just never believed I would see him as a hero versus the cunning Predators. Once again, after watching this footage, I'm pretty confident Brody is gonna do fine. And furthermore, I'm fairly surprised how great he looks in the role.

As far as the rest of the cast, they all look good too. I have to say however, that Topher Grace doesn't do anything for me in the footage. He looks to be the weak link in the group. Again all this stems from a under 2 minute video clip. So who knows how great the final product will look, but at least the 2 minutes released looks dynamite.

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Take a look at the rest of the images in the "Predatorsgallery.

A special treat, here's the first poster for "Predators" which premiered yesterday at SXSW

Stay tuned for more "Predators" updates. Our first trailer is set to release March 18th and the movie hits theaters July 9th.

Source: Predators Movie