Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fox Buys The Shadow

The Shadow has been around for a long time now. It started way back before televisions, on the radio. That's right, people use to actually sit around a radio and listen to their programming! Seems strange I know, but back to the news. 20th Century Fox recently acquired the rights to The Shadow with intentions to make it into a feature length film. For the full report, read on...

This would not be the first time The Shadow made its way into the theaters. Back in 1994, Universal released an adaptation starring Alec Baldwin directed by Russell Mulcahy. The Universal picture was not well received and was widely panned, but it remains one of my favorites! Call me a sucker for Alec Baldwin, but it remains an enjoyable watch.

Fast forward to now and we have Fox scooping up the rights to "The Shadow" after Sony allowed them to lapse. Sony originally intended for Spider-Man and Drag Me to Hell director Sam Raimi to direct. Raimi who is a long time fan of the series, persuaded Fox to pick up the rights allowing him some more time to mull over the project.

That's not all! It appears that Fox has no intentions of allowing "The Shadow" to just sit there and are wooing David Slade into the director's chair. Slade who has the third Twilight film releasing this Summer "Eclipse," could potentially start "The Shadow" after his next film "Cold Skin." Sam Raimi would mentor the project as producer. One huge obstacle prohibiting Fox starting production is a script! Currently there is no script to speak of. So until Fox gets some writers on board, this project is considered on the back burner.

Source: Latino Review