Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Trailer: Hotel Hell Vacation

Back in October of '09 news surfaced that a Vacation sequel is in the works. The sequel would feature Clark and Ellen Griswald as grandparents. Today a teaser trailer has surfaced for a Super Bowl advertisement for Home Away Vacation rentals which ties into what could end up a new Vacation feature length film. The short is titled, "Hotel Hell Vacation" see the brief trailer/advertisement after the break...

While the teaser trailer does offer a bit of nostalgia, I remain very hesitant on the future of this project. I am not certain that a feature length film will pan out, or if this will end up just being a silly promotion gag. Only time will tell. More news on "Hotel Hell Vacation" as it develops and you can see the full footage during the Super Bowl this Sunday February 7th.

Updated: The full 14 minute short is available now online. I watched earlier today and was terribly disappointed. Being a huge fan of all the Vacation films, I was devistated watching the Griswald's sink so low. Anyways if you would also like to ruin your memories of Vacation and the Groswald's head over to Slash Film for the short.