Friday, February 19, 2010

Paramount Buys Middle Men

These days the internet and porn seem to go hand in hand. Everywhere you look some stupid pop-up or advertisement is trying to draw your attention (well at least for men) to their site. This wasn't always the case however and "Middle Men" intends to fill in the blanks. Read all the details and see a 4 minute Red Band trailer for the film after the break...

In the same vein as Blow or Boogie Nights, "Middle Men" follows the pioneering of a industry. Written and directed by George Gallo, the true story follows Jack Harris (Luke Wilson), a family man who helped build the first billing company that dealt exclusively with internet adult entertainment. Very quickly Jack Harris and his two associates (Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht) get mixed up with the FBI, the Russian mob and a porn star. James Caan, Kevin Pollak, Terry Crews, Jacinda Barrett, Laura Ramsey and Rade Serbedzija have supporting roles in what looks to be something definitely worth a viewing.

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures purchased U.S. distribution rights to "Middle Men" intending to release the R rated film sometime in 2010. "Middle Men" was originally produced by Oxymoron Entertainment and Blue Star Entertainment.

Back in September, Kevin Pollak had "Middle Men" producer Chris Mallick on his Kevin Pollak's Chat Show. The two of them talked fairly heavily about the film before previewing a Exclusive Red Band Trailer. The trailer is pretty long (nearly 5 minutes) but it does give you a real good perspective on what to expect from the true story. Below I've embedded the entire episode of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show that included the interview with "Middle Men" producer Chris Mallick and the NSFW trailer. Jump to 45:35 to just watch the trailer, but I highly recommend listening to the entire interview.

Source: Variety